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The Friends Centre offers a comprehensive career development programme for adults.

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Careers Interview

What to Expect at a Careers Advice Interview

You will meet with our qualified and experienced information, advice and guidance professional in our interview room.

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I came to this service for the first time, having been out of work for five years and rather worried about what I might be told would be necessary to return to the world of work.

Eileen Campbell not only walked me through all the different aspects of what I needed to know and how to go about it but did so in a most sympathetic and helpful way.

I am very grateful indeed to her, for her patience and understanding and all the time she spent with me. I am sure it will prove invaluable.

Careers Advice Service User 5 February 2018

Our discussion really helped to focus my mind on what I should be aiming for – customer service, retail etc – and how to draw up my cv to build on relevant experience in these areas.

Careers Advice Service User 24 March 2016

I am writing to tell you that I have an interview next week!!!!!!!! And do you know what??? It is for the job whose cover letter you helped me to do!!! So thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am preparing an application form for another organisation, it is a similar role that you helped me to do before, so it is going to be easy!!!

Careers Advice Service User 24 March 2016

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