Tai Chi Learner publishes sequel!

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Adrienne Akenzua, a learner who studies under our Tai Chi tutor, Mat Ward, has published a sequel book to ‘The Boy who Talked to the Wind (A Tai Chi Journey)’ called ‘How Short is Tall‘. The book is available to buy on Amazon at £4.99.


Title:  How Short Is Tall

Author: Adrienne Akenzua

Available on www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.com, and also at www.createspace.com as an ebook on createspace estore.

Price: £7.99, $9.99, Euro 9.25.



This book is sequel to ‘The Boy Who Talked to the Wind’ and is similarly inspired by the Tai Chi form and Taoist thought. It explores the relationship between mind, body, and life experience.

Again we meet a wise heron, a fiery tiger, a great earth bear, a crazy monkey and several other birds and animals, each on their own life journey. Each of them has their story to tell, each one sees life from their own perspective, and we see how they learn from their experiences.

Some of the birds and animals meet each other in passing on their respective journeys, but at the end they gather together at the top of the mountain to celebrate their individual lives and achievements.

The journey is a series of insights into the workings of the human mind and how we can change our minds to alter our perspective on life.

You can just read the animal stories or, if you wish to go deeper, you may want to read the ‘thoughts’ that follow each story.




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