Tai Chi Learner publishes book

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The Boy Who Talked To The WindAdrienne Akenzua, a learner who studies under our Tai Chi tutor, Mat Ward, has published a book called ‘The Boy who Talked to the Wind (A Tai Chi Journey)’. The book is available to buy on Amazon at £4.99.

Adrienne says, “It is based on the tai chi form but can be read by anyone who has not studied tai chi. It is more of an exploration of the workings of the mind via simple animal stories. Some have even read it to their children.”


A boy starts out on a timeless journey. He meets a slightly deaf heron, a fiery tiger, a great earth bear, a fearful horse, and others, and even gets to talk to the wind. As he follows his chosen path he gathers priceless wisdom and begins to understand himself, his relationship to others, and to the Earth. This is a simple story of one boy finding himself at home in the world.


The story was inspired by the Tai Chi form, the animals referred to in the names of some of the moves, and Taoist thought. It explores the relationship between mind and body, and how we perceive life on Earth.


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