Self Health Courses back for the Summer Term

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Would you like to learn something new for FREE?Self Health Brochure

Are you, or is someone you know finding it hard to go out, not sleeping, worrying, feeling stressed, anxious, sad or low?

We can offer a free 15 hour course* to help improve wellbeing as part of a national research project.

The courses we are offering between May and July include: IT for Beginners, Creative Writing, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet and Confidence Building.  All courses will be delivered in Friends Centre venues at Brighton Junction and Ivory Place.

This is the final brochure of courses that will be offered in Brighton as part of the National Adult Community Learning Mental Health Research Project so don’t miss out on one of these free courses!

In exchange for a place on one of our free courses, we will ask you to provide research data prior to and throughout the course.

If you have already completed one of our Self Health courses then you can attend one of our ‘Workshops for Returning Learners’.

Taking part in a learning activity can have more than twice the impact on self-confidence than being employed and can reduce depression.  We are hoping to provide further evidence of the benefits of learning on mental wellbeing in adults.  This evidence would help to secure government funding for adult education providers for the years to come.

For more information on our project and how to take part, please read our further information, see our course brochure here, contact us for more information on 01273 810210 or reply to this email.

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*subject to eligibility

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