ParentsEven the best relationships are strained during the transition from couple to parents. Lack of sleep, conflicting views about child rearing, never-ending housework and new financial strains can lead to profound stress and a marked decline in relationship satisfaction, experienced by nearly 70% of new parents.

Partners to Parents is a new research-based, short course to help you strengthen your relationship during this challenging time.

The strategies shared during the 2 consecutive workshops will help you cope constructively with the many changes brought about by the birth of your child/ren, hopefully making this transition easier. You will come home with ideas and strategies that have helped many couples strengthen their relationship.

The course will help you recognize and cope with the stressors linked to becoming a family. In particular, you will develop some new skills that will help you support each other, your relationship and your mental health, and decrease relationship conflict and hostility.

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Who this course is for?

  • For pregnant or new parents
  • For parents of babies/toddlers
  • This course is father and same-sex couple inclusive
  • Please note – you are welcome to bring your baby with you (pre-crawling stage)


What will the course cover?

  • How to strengthen your relationship with your partner
  • How to better manage conflicts
  • What to do and where to get support from if you think you or your partner is struggling
  • How to communicate with your partner when you are feeling stressed and/or exhausted
  • Explore how a couple’s sexual relationship changes when you have a baby/child and ways of improving your intimate connection to your partner


Do I need to bring anything to the course?

  • Pen and pad if you would like to make some notes
  • Snacks and whatever you and your baby will need to be comfortable during the sessions


How will I know how I’m doing on the course?

The tutor will explain the aims and outcomes at the beginning of the sessions and provide opportunities for you to review your learning. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions and take part in discussions. You will be encouraged to further discuss the material and practice the skills at home between sessions and after the course is finished. Resources will be provided to enable this.


Are there any websites that can help me?

The tutor has created a site for learners on this course:


Can I download any useful apps to my Smartphone or tablet?  The tutor will share a range of relevant apps


Who is the tutor?

Agnes Munday has been running a range of very popular courses for family learning over the last several years. The feedback on her sessions is always positive, and people appreciate the energy, enthusiasm, fun and passion she brings to the sessions.

Agnes has a BA Hons in Education, a PGCE in post 16 Education, a Paediatric and Adult First Aid Trainer Diploma and is a registered Public Health Practitioner. Agnes also works in Health Promotion and has twenty years’ experience of designing and delivering innovative courses for a wide range of organisations.


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