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Please note that these courses and resources are not organised or delivered by Friends Centre.


The Skills Toolkit

FREE online courses, tools and resources to help you improve your digital and numeracy skills. The Department for Education has consulted some of the country’s leading educational experts and employers to make up a collection of high quality resources to suit a range of interests and skill levels.


Directory of Social Change

Offer FREE courses in Leadership & Mananagement, Personal Development, Finance & Law and Marketing & Communications



OpenLearn is an educational website. It is the UK’s Open University’s contribution to the Open educational resources project showcasing a whole range of learning courses, materials and videos.



Offer a diverse selection of free courses from leading Universities and cultural institutions from around the world.

Courses can be from 2hrs to 15 hrs long.

If you want a Certificate of Participation or a Certificate of Achievement you must pay a small fee. Some courses have optional assessment and can lead to a qualification.

We advise people that if they complete a course and cannot afford a certificate, they should list the courses they have completed under the heading Non-accredited courses on their CV. If you take a course and add some voluntary or temp work, it can be very powerful if you are trying to change careers.



Offering accredited courses which are funded by the Government through the Education and Skill Funding Agency (ESFA), Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCA) or the Greater London Authority (GLA). The government will fund people to study if you are: Living in England. Aged 19 or over from the 31 August 2019 (born before 01 September 2000).

Be aware that if a student does not finish a course, they may have to pay an Admin fee


The British Council

Offering over 300 free courses, provided by 35 UK universities.



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