The Step by Step Project aims to improve access to English, maths and language training for homeless people in Brighton and Hove. We can also provide an introduction to IT Skills.

Step by Step offers one-to-one support for homeless people, along with confidence building and support for progression into further learning. The project works in close partnership with all supported housing, education and training providers within the city.

Step by Step tutors help learners to move into part-time and full-time courses. Learning programmes are devised to meet the individual needs of the client. Initially, they are given six, weekly, one hour < lessons with an option to continue for a further six weeks. However, there is no official cut-off point and it may be advantageous to some learners to continue with us for more sessions. Learners build confidence around the skills they already have and develop the skills they need to move into more structured courses, voluntary work or attend IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) interviews.

Step by Step tutor Chris Delahunt teaching a learner ICT


Contact the project tutors Mark Newman on 01273 810217 and Chris Delahunt on 01273 810216 or email [email protected] / [email protected].

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