art class woman painting flowersIn this five week watercolour course in Brighton we will be painting flowers from life. Use watercolours to explore loose and more detailed ways of recording information using a range of media.

On this course, we will focus on composition, colour relationships and colour harmony. Throughout the watercolour course there will be regular demonstrations on how to apply the paint along with tips on creating the best composition.

Suitable for complete beginners or those with experience.

Cost includes a small fee for flowers

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COURSE TUTOR: Emily Jolley
DURATION: 5 weeks
DAY: Tuesday
TIME: 2-4pm
Summer: 11 June 2019– 9 July 2019
WHERE: Ivory Place
COURSE FEE: £65 / £40 / £15

Please note that concessions are not available online.
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This course aims to:

Demonstrate to learners how to use the 3 basic washes of watercolour. Washes will be applied in a loose expressive way to describe flowers.
Learn to apply washes to large or small areas or layer them on top of each other to describe foliage and textures.
We will look at different brushes; how to use them and when you may need more than one brush.
Experiment with different ways to create texture that can be incorporated into your painting.
Use a limited colour palette so to understand how colours work with each other, how to mix different colours and also how to layer these.

Who this course is for?

Beginners and those with some experience

What will I be able to do by the end of this course?

• Apply 3 kinds of washes confidently
• Make a variety of marks with the brushes you have.
• Use limited colours to make a painting
• Understand and demonstrate adding a number of textures to a piece of work.

What materials will I need for the course?

• Tubes or a box of watercolour paints, these should include or have a variety of reds, blues & yellows:
Cobalt blue, Ultramarine blue, Lemon yellow, yellow ochre, vermilion (orange), Rose, burnt sienna
• Brushes size 8 or 10 round
• A mop brush
• Watercolour paper, 300gms rough or smooth, no smaller than A4, A3 preferable.

Roughly how much will they cost?

Around £20.
Clarkes Stationers on Bond Street in Brighton usually have good deals on paper (Daler Rowney pads)

How will I know I am making progress?

The tutor talks to individuals during the session and looks at everyone’s work. There will be times when the group looks at all the work done as a whole.

Is there any extra study outside the class?

It is advisable to practise at home and look at other artists’ works but it is understood that not all are able to do this.

Who is the course tutor?

Emily Jolley studied Fine Art at Newcastle Upon Tyne and since then has exhibited and sold work in the UK and Europe and currently makes her own work in the phoenix studio, Brighton. Emily started teaching watercolour 15 years ago and enjoys the accessibility and diversity of the medium. Watercolour can be challenging but also very rewarding, when you can record scenes and atmospheres around you. There are always new techniques to learn and different colour combinations to use that keeps the medium fresh and exciting.

What next?

Continuation onto further watercolour courses would allow students to develop skills and confidence further.
Alternative art courses at Friends Centre

Tuesday 11 June 2019 - Tuesday 9 July 2019
2:00 am to 4:00 am
Sessions: 5

Full price: £65
Concession rate (if available): £40
Please note that concessions are not available online.
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Ivory Place


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