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Stressed out by food? Struggling with guilt around food choices? Do you eat when you feel anxious or unhappy? Come and practise mindful eating techniques and discover how to enjoy food without overeating.  You will learn to control food cravings, identify stress or comfort eating and find new ways to handle your stress triggers so you can eat for health and happiness.


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COURSE TUTOR: Agnes Munday

DURATION: 2 sessions

DAY: Thursday

TIME:  10.00am-12.00pm


Autumn: 27 September – 4 October

WHERE: Vallance Centre, Hove

COURSE FEE: £25 / £15 / £15


Please note that concessions are not available online.

Please see further information on fees and concessions online or in our brochure.






This course aims to:

Rather than focusing on dieting and restricting food, in this session we will:


  • Look at the way we interact with food.
  • Create more awareness of the emotions behind the decisions we make about food.
  • Find a way to break old mindless eating habits, becoming more aware of what we eat and savour and appreciate every bite!
  • Get back in touch with our fullness and hunger cues to eat when we are hungry and stop when we have had enough.
  • Explore the difference between emotional hunger and true physical hungerThis is a short course, so the idea is that you carry on the practices with the support of the webpage of resources especially put together to support you.


Who this course is for?

Anyone wanting a more joyful and healthy relationship with food.


What will I be able to do by the end of this course?

You will have practiced a range of practical strategies that you can then further explore and develop at home. You will have access to many resources to help you carry on after the course is finished.


What materials will I need for the course?

Note pad and pen/pencil


Who is the course tutor?

Agnes Munday has been running these very popular courses for several years. The feedback on her sessions is always positive, and people appreciate the energy, enthusiasm, fun and passion she brings to the sessions.

Agnes has a BA Hons in Education, a PGCE in post 16 Education, and a Paediatric First Aid trainer diploma.
Agnes also works in Public Health and has twenty years’ experience of designing and delivering for a wide range of organisations.


Are there any websites that can help me?

The tutor has created a site for learners on this course:

Can I download any useful apps to my Smartphone or tablet?

The tutor will share a range of apps.

Download the apps on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store


What next, after the course? 

We might offer a follow up session, talk to the tutor if you are interested.

You might also find the Parent Present, Mindfulness for Parents and Carers course provides valuable additions to the strategies learned in this course.


You can also speak to the Information, Advice and Guidance officer at Friends Centre who can help you with:


  • Information on other courses and services
  • Impartial guidance to help you make the right choices
  • Advice on volunteering and training



Thursday 27 September 2018 - Thursday 4 October 2018
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Sessions: 2

Full price: £25
Concession rate (if available): £15
Please note that concessions are not available online.
Click here for information on fees and concessions.

Vallance Community Centre


Book online or more information: Click here for more information or to book online (if available)

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