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This digital photography course in Brighton is suitable for anyone with a DSLR, bridge or compact digital camera that would like to learn more about how to use it and take better photographs. Would you like to get into digital photography and enjoy taking pictures more? On this photography course you will learn how to operate your camera with more confidence and get more from your photos.  No previous experience is required but learners with some experience of cameras are more than welcome to brush up their skills.  Photography lessons will focus on learning the camera controls, using a computer to upload and edit your images and discuss how to improve your photos with the class and the tutor. Scroll down for further course details or for more information on our other photography courses in Brighton, head to our courses page via the main menu.


COURSE TUTOR: Laura O’Sullivan

DURATION: 5 weeks

DAY: Wednesday

TIME:  1.15-3.15pm


Spring: 16 January 2019 – 13 February 2019

WHERE: Brighton Junction

COURSE FEE: £62.50 / £37.50 / £15




This course aims to:

Show beginners how to use their camera to get better pictures and improve their creatively.


Who this course is for?

This course is for anyone who has just bought a camera and has little or no idea how to use the controls. This will be a beginner’s class but previous camera users with some prior knowledge will be welcome. This course is mainly for people who need to get to grips with the basic settings and no previous experience is required. It will have a creative and relaxed approach, where we will split the sessions to be both practical demonstrations and exercises with some discussion based activities too.


What will I be able to do by the end of this course?

  • Use the basic settings on your camera to take different shots, such as action, portraits, landscapes, night photos and close ups.
  • Be able to use the automatic and semi auto mode functions to take photographs that are correctly exposed and in focus.
  • Be able to use flash photography and ISO settings to improve your photographs in darker light conditions.
  • Use the cameras settings to allow you some control over the ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture and set up the camera for the best quality photograph.
  • Control the shutter speed to capture motion and use the aperture to create depth of field and blurred backgrounds.
  • Have an improved awareness of basic composition theory and be able to apply the rule of thirds composition to your photographs.


What materials will I need for the course?

  • Digital compact camera, bridge camera or DSLR camera.
  • A home computer for uploading and storing your photos (You might want to also make sure you have a quality photo printer too – or you can buy your prints from photo labs and most supermarkets)
  • Collins Complete Photography Course by John Garrett & Graeme Harris (Optional)


Roughly how much will they cost?

Between £100 – £400 will get you a good starting camera, you can usually find good second hand or used equipment from good photographic and camera specialists. Depending on what else you may need to buy on the above list you should be able to get everything for under £700.


How will I know I am making progress?

The tutor will offer carefully designed tasks where you will be able to practise using your camera within and out of class through structured assignments. These experiments and your progress can be recorded within a learner journal and through our online resources, where you will be able to reflect on things you have learned and received written and verbal feedback from the tutor. The tutor will also be able to assess your progress through visual results and your understanding of the course material and will offer feedback on your photographs to help you improve.


Is there any extra study outside the class?

Yes, there will be small homework tasks each week that will involve taking a few photographs in order to help you practise the course material as well as improve your knowledge of photography. These exercises should take no more than half an hour to complete and can be good fun and very rewarding!


Who is the course tutor?

Laura O’Sullivan came to Brighton many years ago to do a 3D design degree and has since become (amongst other things) a jeweller, project manager, photographer, teacher and parent.  I guess you could say I have a fear of missing out as I have done most crafts at some stage! My most recent passion is sewing, especially dressmaking. What I love about crochet is it’s easy to learn, has many creative uses and is great therapy for bored hands.



What next?

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NCFE or City & Guilds Photography courses at local colleges in Brighton and Hove –Brighton MET or BHASVIC

Creative Photoshop – Varndean College


Wednesday 16 January 2019 - Wednesday 13 February 2019
1:15 pm to 3:15 pm
Sessions: 10

Full price: £62.50
Concession rate (if available): £37.50
Please note that concessions are not available online.
Click here for information on fees and concessions.

Brighton Junction


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