This drawing course in Brighton is aimed at those with some drawing experience.
This course aims to build on previous drawing skills from the beginners and intermediates courses or from your own experience.
You will explore a range of drawing media and techniques covering topics such as landscapes, shading to show water and reflections, perspective, drawing the human figure, a lesson on location and an independent project.
There will be more opportunity to choose your own media and drawing approaches than the previous courses, helping you develop your own style and way of working.

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COURSE TUTOR: Frances West
DURATION: 10 weeks
DAY: Wednesday
TIME: 6-8pm
Summer: 1st May 2019 – 10th July 2019 (half term 29th May 2019)
WHERE: Brighton Junction
COURSE FEE: £125 / £75 / £15

Please note that concessions are not available online.
Please see further information on fees and concessions online or in our brochure.


This course aims to:
Boost your confidence and creativity in drawing. Build on previous drawing experience by refining techniques and exploring drawing materials further. You will also be encouraged to develop your own drawing style and specialise in a preferred media during some lessons.

Who this course is for?
Those who have completed a previous drawing course or those with a little drawing experience.

What will I be able to do by the end of this course?
• Explore different applications of drawing materials including pastels, charcoal, pencil, pen and ink
• Refine both experimental and traditional drawing techniques
• Begin to develop your own style of drawing

What materials will I need for the course?
In week one please bring an A3 sketchbook or loose paper, pencils 2H, 2B, 4B and 6B (ideally all four, but can start with just 2B), ruler, white plastic rubber and soft putty rubber.

A materials list will be provided in lesson one for anything required later in the course. Students who have completed the beginners’ and intermediates’ courses will not need anything new.

Roughly how much will they cost?
Around £40 in total over the 10 weeks. Items can be purchased at a good stationer or from an art suppliers shop, alternatively online shops may be cheaper.

How will I know I am making progress?
You will feel more confident in your decisions and more creative in your approach to drawing. You will be able to apply a wider range of techniques to your drawing and use materials more effectively.

Is there any extra study outside the class?
There is a short drawing task set for homework each week, which continues the learning process from that lesson. I strongly recommend giving it a go as this will help you to gain more from the course and progress faster.

Who is the course tutor?
Frances West is an artist and illustrator working in Brighton. She is a practising artist who specialises in drawing, ceramics, illustration and printmaking, which she studied at Winchester School of Art. She has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and a PGCE teaching qualification.

What next?
Continuation onto another drawing course or workshop at Friends Centre would allow more time to develop skills and confidence further.
Further art courses at Friends Centre.

Wednesday 1 May 2019 - Wednesday 10 July 2019
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Sessions: 10

Full price: £125
Concession rate (if available): £75
Please note that concessions are not available online.
Click here for information on fees and concessions.

Brighton Junction


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