Woman with cameraJoin our photography field trip course for some teaching on the go.

We will practice ‘taking it off auto’ by using the camera’s creative controls such as aperture and shutter speed. We will also discuss ways of improving composition and using available light.

This three-week course will be held at different locations within the city (e.g. the seafront, city centre and Preston Park) and will be as practical as possible. There will be wet weather alternative locations if necessary.

Some previous experience with a camera is useful, e.g. able to ‘point & shoot’. Bring any camera and comfortable shoes.

For the first session we will meet in the cafe at Friends Centre, Brighton Junction.


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TUTOR:           Laura O’Sullivan

DURATION:     3 Sessions

DAY:                Wednesday     

TIME:               10.30am – 12.30pm

WHEN:             12 June – 26 June 2019          

WHERE:           Meet at the Café at Brighton Junction for Session 1

COURSE FEE:   £40 / £25 / £15


Please note that concessions are not available online.

Please see further information on fees and concessions online or in our brochure.




This course aims to:  

Improve your creative photography skills

Provide a practical introduction to photographyThis course is designed to improve your photography and enable you to progress beyond the auto settings on your camera. You will work through practical exercises with a tutor on-hand to answer your questions.    Some experience with your camera is useful, e.g. able to ‘point and shoot’ (focus and press the shutter release, playback, navigate through menu settings but not necessarily know what they do!). Any camera is suitable for this course, although you will probably get more out of the course with a DSLR or Bridge camera rather than a compact. If the camera is new to you please also bring the manual or have a link to it on your phone.


What will I be able to do by the end of the course?

  • Identify and demonstrate how to use three basic camera functions (e.g., ISO, Focus, Exposure modes)
  • Demonstrate the use of shutter speed as a creative control
  • Recognise how to use aperture for different effects
  • Produce correctly exposed and focused photos on 3 different subject matters
  • Identify and demonstrate 3 composition ‘rules’
  • Follow an assignment or brief and shoot 6 photos using your camera


What materials will I need?

Digital compact camera, bridge camera or DSLR camera.

Bag to carry camera

Optional – Plastic ‘rain sleeve’ cover in case of rain – available online or from Clock Tower Cameras, North Road, Brighton for £6


Roughly how much will they cost?

Between £100 – £400 will get you a good starting camera, you can usually find good second hand or used equipment from good photographic and camera specialists. Buy the best you can for your budget.

How will I know I am making progress?

Self-evaluation plus images taken from the class can be emailed to the tutor for feedback the following week. Handouts will be emailed to you for your reference.


Is there any extra study outside the class?

Yes, there will be some optional homework for those who wish to practice their skills.


Who is the tutor?

Laura O’Sullivan came to Brighton many years ago to do a 3D design degree and has since become a jeweller, project manager, photographer, teacher and parent. Laura has 15 years’ experience of photography in many forms – running a camera club and darkroom, organising exhibitions, working as a photographers’ assistant, and most recently as a freelance weddings and events photographer. She also has a PTTLS teaching qualification and has taught at Friends Centre and PACA.


What next?

Further photography courses at Friends Centre

NCFE or City & Guilds Photography courses at local colleges in Brighton and Hove –Brighton MET or BHASVIC

Photoshop courses at other colleges in the city


Wednesday 12 June 2019 - Wednesday 26 June 2019
10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Sessions: 3

Full price: £40
Concession rate (if available): £25
Please note that concessions are not available online.
Click here for information on fees and concessions.

Brighton Junction


Book online or more information: Click here for more information or to book online (if available)

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