ESOL Entry Level 1 Writing Courses in Brighton

Our ESOL Entry Level 1 writing courses at Friends Centre in Brighton is designed to give learners the knowledge and skills to write simple sentences.

ESOL courses are for learners in Brighton who need to develop their English skills for use in everyday life and/or work. Friends Centre can help you to improve your level of basic ESOL skills for use in everyday life, education and employment and our ESOL qualifications are based on the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum and the National Standards for Adult Literacy.

Our ESOL courses will give you the opportunity to:

  • develop your English language knowledge and skills
  • achieve a nationally recognised qualification
  • develop personal growth and engagement in learning
  • develop your English skills for personal and employment-related application.

The ESOL Entry Level 1 Award will give you knowledge and skills to be able to write simple sentences correctly and complete simple forms.

ESOL Entry Level 1 Writing Course Outcomes

The aim of this ESOL writing course is to give learners opportunities to produce simple sentences to record and present basic information and ideas. You will learn to be able to use correct punctuation for the end of sentences and you will use capitalisation for the beginning of sentences, names and places and for the personal pronoun ‘I’. We will teach you to know when to write in full sentences and when it is appropriate to give short answers in texts relating to everyday life.

You will be able to complete simple forms correctly using upper- and lower-case letters. You will be able to spell personal key words and familiar words correctly.

ESOL learning outcome – be able to produce simple text

You will learn how to produce simple sentences to record and present basic information and ideas. We will teach you the difference between a line of words and a sentence, how word order and verb form are used to form simple sentences and how sentences can be put together to make text.

You will learn the use of and the terms ‘capital letter’, ‘full stop’ and ‘sentence’. You will be able to use capital letters at the start of sentences and full stops at the end of sentences to mark off one sentence from another.

You will learn basic word order and verb form. You will be able to use and spell correctly personal key words and familiar words, for example tutor, lesson, family, mother, son, country and key verbs such as like, live, come, work, is.

You will be taught the terms for vowels and consonants and will be able to recognise short vowel sounds, initial, middle and final consonants and consonant digraphs such as ch, sh, th. You will have opportunities to hear, identify and practise writing words with different sounds.

ESOL learning outcome – be able to complete a form

You will learn to write digits correctly, for example today’s date, date of birth, telephone numbers, house numbers and postcodes. You will practise writing upper and lower case letters.

You will be taught the basic conventions of forms, for example short answers, personal details, use of upper and lower case letters, the use of black ink, when to print information in block/capital letters. They will need opportunities to fill in a range of forms and complete personal details, for example name, address, telephone number, nationality, signature, date.

We will complete a variety of writing exercises and simple forms relating to everyday life, for example library form, lost property form, application form, competition forms, leisure centre form, withdrawal form.

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