I wanted to write you an official thank you not only for what I found a really well thought out, supportive and enjoyable course, but to let you know just how much this has helped me develop in my design work. I joined with the aim of expanding my practice and it has really done just that - I was able to test my sense of experimentation during the course, and have much more confidence and faith now in my process of generating ideas and my ability to  compose an image or a design to a brief. This has all been put to the test with a big festival site design commission for a weekend event coming up in March - I really don’t think I could have taken this on without the learning I gained from your course. So THANK YOU!

Illustration Learner 17 March 2016

Confident to speak in a group without anxiety / will benefit later after reviewing course notes / expansion, learning from the differences, feeling of balance, created a shift that is giving organic guidance of contributing, acknowledge appreciated [sic] / these courses enjoyable, supportive, knowledgeable, excellent. / would reccomend  (x2)/surprised how thought provoking I found it, during & between sessions.

Realise your Potential Learner 12 October 2017

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