Thumbs Up LogoFriends Centre has committed to the Thumbs Up scheme.

The Thumbs Up Scheme has been developed by the Brighton & Hove Learning Disability Partnership Board. The Board aims to work in partnership with people and organisations across the city to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. The Partnership Board isn’t a regulatory authority and the Thumbs Up Scheme isn’t about rewarding services with star ratings. The scheme is about providing excellent services to our learners and clients including those with learning disabilities. The scheme is based on ten tips which have been developed by people with learning disabilities and gives our staff a useful place to work from. We have already been committed to this work since our conception but we wanted to make it more official by taking the pledge which is easily recognised by those in the Brighton and Hove region.

The top 10 tips that we have pledged to continue doing are:

  1. Listen to what the person is saying
  2. Give the person extra time
  3. Use plain English that avoids jargon
  4. Use pictures as well as writing. For example a picture of a venue as well as a map
  5. If the person has a carer, talk to the person rather than the carer
  6. If the person asks for help, show them as well as tell them
  7. Not ignore bullying. We will do the best we can to help if we think someone is being bullied
  8. Offer good customer service. If we notice someone may need extra help, we will offer it
  9. Offer help with access if we think someone needs it (e.g. steps and doors)
  10. Do our best to make our service accessible to people

The Learning Disability Partnership Board said the advantages to businesses are that the scheme:

  • Supports businesses to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Provides a training DVD and information pack
  • Supports good customer service
  • Enhances public reputation
  • Is free

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