We have a number of policies to ensure that all learners and staff work in a safe learning environment. All our policies can be downloaded in full by clicking on the various links below, but we have also summarised them for you in the following paragraphs.

Health & Safety

We ask that learners should look after their own and other learners’ health and safety. Please tell someone at reception if you are worried about health and safety. During your first class your tutor will give you a health and safety induction to tell you about fire exits and what to do if you discover a fire; and how to report an accident and the location of the First Aid point.

Click here to view the Health & Safety Policy in full.

Equality & Diversity

Friends Centre is committed to equal opportunities and we believe that all people of all ages, abilities, genders and cultures should be able to receive education. Friends Centre welcomes all learners as equals and individuals and we treat everyone equally in our provision of services and employment of staff.

Click here to view the Equality & Diversity Policy in full.

Safeguarding & Prevent Duty

Friends Centre has a duty of care to all learners, staff and volunteers to ensure they have a safe and healthy environment in which to work and learn. We have a particular responsibility to safeguard young learners (aged 17-19) and vulnerable adults to prevent abuse, when possible, and to respond quickly and appropriately to allegations or suspicions of abuse.

Click here to view our Safeguarding and Prevent Duty Policy in full.

Data Protection Policy

Friends Centre needs to keep certain information about its employees, learners, volunteers and other users to allow it to monitor performance and achievements, manage health and safety, comply with legal obligations and the requirements of funders. We comply with the Data Protection Principles which are set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 (the 1998 Act) and related Codes of Practice.

Click here to view our Data Protection Policy in full.

Complaints Policy

We want all our learners to be happy at Friends Centre and want to help you if you are have a problem at the centre.

  • If you are having a problem with your classes then please talk to your tutor and they will try to help you or point you in the right direction.
  • If you are having a problem with another learner then please discuss this with your tutor in the first instance.
  • If you have a problem with your tutor or another member of staff at the Friends Centre then please contact Helen Osborne on 01273 810210. She will then contact you to discuss things further.
  • If you would rather not speak to someone then please fill in one of our comments/complaints forms that can be found at reception at both our sites and put it in the suggestions box.

Click here to view our Complaints Policy in full.

Sustainability & Environment

Friends Centre is committed to contributing towards the conservation and protection of the environment as an adult education centre serving Brighton and Hove. By relocating to Brighton Junction we made a commitment to the One Planet Living Principles, joining the local council in its adoption of these ideas as Brighton was the first UK One Planet Living City. Brighton Junction is BREEAM-rated excellent (the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation).

Click here to view our Sustainability & Environment policy in full.

E-Safety & Acceptable Use Policy

Friends Centre recognises the benefits and opportunities which new technologies offer to teaching and learning. We provide free internet access at both our sites to all learners to encourage the use of technologies in order to enhance skills, promote achievement and enable lifelong learning. However, the accessibility and global nature of the internet and different technologies available mean that we are also aware of potential risks and challenges associated with such use.

Click here to view our E-Safety & Acceptable Use Policy in full.

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