We know that there will be many reasons why you have chosen to study with us. All the staff are here to help and support you while you are learning with us.

Before you start your qualification based course, or those helping to lead towards gaining a qualification, you will have an interview and assessment to ensure that you are on the course that meets your needs.

For leisure courses you will have read the course description in our brochure and a course information sheet to ensure that the course is really what you want to do.

Remember that it is useful when coming to class to bring a pen and some paper or a notebook.

In the first two weeks your tutor will discuss your reasons for joining the course and talk about your starting point. This will help to track the progress you make while you are learning with us. Through discussions with your tutor and recording of these you will be able to build a picture of how the course is helping you to achieve your aims.

At the end of the course we ask you to evaluate your learning and the overall experience.

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