At Friends Centre we actively promote British Values and acknowledge their place in our own expectations, vision and values.

Friends Centre is committed to being an adult education organisation where people can develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and creativity in a supportive environment.

Through our learning programmes we aim to:

  • Help learners achieve aspirations and meet challenges
  • Stimulate community interest and civic involvement
  • Promote tolerance, social justice, environmental sustainability and international understanding.

This means that we encourage open and honest discussions in classes to help learners understand alternative points of view.

The government recently introduced a law to make it compulsory for places such as schools, colleges and hospitals to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and as part of this set out its definition of British Values. The Department of Education and Ofsted also actively seek to ensure that British Values are included in the teaching of programmes across the country.

The four definitions of British Values are as follows:

  • Democracy (your opinion counts)
  • The rule of Law (no one is above the law; laws protect everyone; innocent until proven guilty)
  • Individual liberty and mutual respect (freedom of speech)
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs (in regards to all backgrounds, culture, age, genders and sexualities)

As a Friends Centre learner you have rights and responsibilities and as part of that it is your responsibility to respect others’ values and beliefs to ensure we have a safe learning environment for all. In return you can expect all Friends Centre staff to respect your values and beliefs.

British Values in class and at Friends Centre are promoted in the following way:


  • Discussions and debates are had and encouraged in class
  • Learner evaluations are carried out at the end of the course
  • Learner feedback is asked for throughout the course to develop the course further
  • Resources in class show different cultures and groups in society

The Rule of Law

  • Rights & Responsibilities of a Learner per our Learner Handbook or here on our website
  • General Rules as laid out in our Learner Handbook
  • An Induction at the start of a course
  • Learner Agreement
  • Friends Centre’s Policies and Procedures
  • Discuss ground rules that set boundaries as a class
  • Respect others values and beliefs
  • Remember: Everyone is protected by the Equality Act 2010

Individual Liberty & Mutual Respect

  • Be welcomed into the class
  • Study in a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Inappropriate behaviour or comments are challenged
  • Your view is listened to
  • Listen to others views
  • Learners are encouraged to be an individual
  • Friends Centre has the following Policies: Safeguarding & Prevent; Equality & Diversity; Learner Management
  • Learner success is celebrated annually at our awards evening

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

  • Respect others values and beliefs
  • Our Equality & Diversity Policy reflects this (please see here)
  • Our Learner Management Policy reflects this (please see here)
  • Discussions of faiths and beliefs in class
  • Resources in class show different cultures, religions and groups in society
  • Respect everyone’s choice of dress, including all religious faith clothing
  • Promotion of national events and celebrations
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