Our Principal: Helen Osborne


Principal & Learner Services Manager:  Helen Osborne
Operations Manager: Tina O’Donnell
Finance and Data Manager: Rasanthi Pathirana
Step by Step Project Lead Tutor: Chris Delahunt
Step by Step Project Tutor: Mark Newman
English, Maths & ESOL Lead Tutor: Alison Kroon
General Adult Education Lead Tutor: Julia Hincks
Programme Support Officer: Sam Billington
Brighton Junction Reception: Phoebe Day
Ivory Place Reception: John Carr
Programme Support Officer: Hana Blahova
Lead Tutor Family Learning: Kirtsy Cregan
Programme Support Officer: Gervase French
Get Socially Active Project Co-ordinator: Oonagh O’Brien
Get Socially Active Finance, Admin & Data Assistant: Annie Corpe

Teaching Staff

English & Maths

Kirsty Cregan
Christine Delahunt
Mark Newman
Lesa West
Sian Taylor

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Barbara Bargione
Cicely Lloyd
Sasha Long
Mark Newman
Heather Sleet
Liz Tyrrell
Eleanor Walker
Lesa West
Sian Taylor
Sally Hooton

General Adult Education

Philip Bedford
Anna Blencowe
Cath Bristow
Jo Bunner
Francesca Byrne
Elaine Colomberg
Barbara Danet
Gill Hasson
Julia Hincks
Emily Jolley
Lucy Parker
Jackie Parry
David Purkiss
Frances West
Anna Liversidge
Javier Paz
Heather Reay
Amanda Scanlon
Zara Slattery

President and Board of Trustees


Sir Alan Tuckett

Board of Trustees and Committee Chairs

Hilary Ellis (Trustee with responsibility for Health & Safety)

Ann Foster (Chair of Search & Development Committee)

Sean Hanan

Richard Hopkins (Chair of Board of Trustees)

Alan Jenkins (Chair of Quality Improvement Group)

Juliet McCaffery (Trustee with responsibility for Equality & Diversity)

Linda Morrice (Vice Chair of Quality Improvement Group)

Michael Nix (Chair of Finance, Property & HR Committee)

Judy Parkes (Trustee with responsibility for Safeguarding & Prevent)

Clerk to the Trustees

Helen Walker

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