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The Friends Centre offers a comprehensive career development programme for adults.

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What to Expect at a Careers Advice Interview

You will meet with our qualified and experienced information, advice and guidance professional in our interview room.

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I have found the advice information given to me today by Eileen to be very informative and helpful and it has given me many options and leads to follow to help me to decide which path to take to find a job

24 March 2016

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I found Eileen's help very useful.

I was introduced to a wide range of tools I did not know existed. At this point I am just looking for something else. I have been given information on volunteering opportunities, group meet ups and possible apprenticeships.

This was also tailored to me as I work best when I have classes to go to, so we looked at local colleges.

I feel much more informed and prepared about ways to go with my life, not just career. Thank You.

Anon 4 October 2017

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I am writing to tell you that I have an interview next week!!!!!!!! And do you know what??? It is for the job whose cover letter you helped me to do!!! So thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am preparing an application form for another organisation, it is a similar role that you helped me to do before, so it is going to be easy!!!

24 March 2016

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