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The Friends Centre offers a comprehensive career development programme for adults.

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Careers Interview

What to Expect at a Careers Advice Interview

You will meet with our qualified and experienced information, advice and guidance professional in our interview room.

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I have found the advice information given to me today by Eileen to be very informative and helpful and it has given me many options and leads to follow to help me to decide which path to take to find a job

24 March 2016

Our discussion really helped to focus my mind on what I should be aiming for – customer service, retail etc – and how to draw up my cv to build on relevant experience in these areas.

24 March 2016

During the last half of 2013 and all through 2014 I was fortunate enough to be able to attend quite a lot of courses at the Friends Centre. They were really helpful for me as I was at a bit of a cross-roads and not sure which direction my work was going to take. I was approaching retirement age but still wanted to be involved in the business world. It was great to discover that I was not "too old" to attend courses, particularly the free ones which focussed on career and employment skills.

I also had the opportunity of a "Careers Health Check" with Eileen Campbell which lasted about an hour. Again, this was free of charge and was amazingly helpful in thinking about what I wanted to do in the future. Our meeting resulted in the production of a "Skills Action Plan". I found seeing things written down was most useful for planning my future and coming up with ideas. Finally, Eileen encouraged me to view the National Careers Service website for additional information.

24 March 2016

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