We want you to get the best out of your course, so when you are studying with us we expect you to do the following:

  • Be on time for your lessons
  • Call us when you cannot come to class
  • Be polite and friendly to staff and other learners
  • Contribute to discussions and evaluations about your work
  • Tell us if your personal circumstances change e.g. if you move house or change telephone numbers

In return, you can expect from us to:

  • Start and end your lessons on time
  • Respect your values and beliefs
  • Give you feedback on your learning and how you are doing in class
  • Tell you about any changes at the Friends Centre that might affect you
  • Inform you when a class has been cancelled

Learner Behaviour

We have a policy about learner behaviour in class. If a learner’s behaviour is disruptive (rude, aggressive or violent), they may be asked to leave the course.

General Rules

Please adhere to these general rules while you are studying with us:

  • No smoking inside the building, we have smoking areas outside  both our buildings
  • Either switch off your mobile phones during lessons or put them on silent
  • Keep  Friends Centre clean and tidy
  • Respect all other learners’ values and beliefs
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